Environmental Education at the Edwin B. Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge is a multi-faceted program dedicated to explaining the natural environment. The program is implemented by volunteers. Both on-site and off-site activities are available.

Absecon schools 2015Urban Birds is a series of lessons that introduce urban students, who are often disconnected from the environment, to birds that live in their neighborhoods. Cornell Lab of Ornithology provides the basic materials. 15 birds are studied over a period of weeks. This program is held off-site and is an after-school enrichment program.

Refuge Tours are part of a field trip experience by area schools. An interpreter provides anecdotal information about the Refuge. Birds and other animals sighted during the trip around the Wildlife Drive are identified and described.

Absecon schools 2015School Classes cover a number of subjects. Refuge Volunteers provide the lessons and distribute appropriate materials. These programs are held off-site at the school.

School Field Trips come to the Refuge for hands on experiences in the natural environment. The students participate in insect identification, plant recognition, pond skimming and salt water seining. The program provides a real world look at what is in the water.

Home School students are given components required of their science curriculum. Their visit to the Refuge includes the curricular items used in the field trip experience. Hiking on Refuge trails can also be a part of this program.

Absecon schools 2015
Adult Education is available for groups seeking to expand their environmental knowledge. Programs offered are tailored to the group’s interests.

Visitor Information Center volunteers offer visitors answers to their questions about the Refuge and wildlife in general. The Gallery displays are self-guided and give visitors an introductory background to the salt marsh, beaches, and the flora and fauna found there.

Absecon schools 2015

Please contact us at fof@friendsofforsythe.org if you are interested in any of these programs.