Welcome to a live view inside an Osprey nest
at Edwin B. Forsythe NWR in Oceanville, NJ.




Conserve Wildlife Foundation of New Jersey, with financial assistance from the Friends of Forsythe, has installed a high resolution, wireless camera on the osprey nest located directly across from our Boardwalk and Leeds Eco-Trail. The HD camera is weatherproof with the ability to zoom in and record video. The camera will be on 24/7 year round. The live view is also available inside the Visitor Center located at Edwin B. Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge and at Conserve Wildlife Foundation NJ’s website.


The camera will provide us with valuable research into the life history of ospreys including their behavior, reproduction and diet during the nesting season. We hope that viewing life inside osprey nest will increase awareness of continuation of osprey protection and the challenges to osprey recovery. We will also capture the use of trash during nest building and how pollution effects the reproduction process.


Osprey  Chick 1 of 1 copy



You can read more information about their life cycles and how you can help ospreys recover in NJ, at Conserve Wildlife NJ’s Osprey Project.





Projects like this at the Forsythe NWR are dependent on donations and partnerships with other organizations to provide our visitors with educational outreach, biological research and future protection of New Jersey’s valuable habitat. Please consider joining the Friends of Forsythe, becoming a participating board member or volunteering your time so that projects like the Osprey Camera and environmental educational programs in the local community can continue for many years to come.