Osprey Cam

In celebration of our 25th Anniversary, Friends of Forsythe, in partnership with Conserve Wildlife Foundation of New Jersey and local resident Jim Ginn, have re-installed the osprey nest platform and updated the live-stream viewing cameras that were first installed in 2013. This project was funded by Chuck and Martha Becker, The Klem Family Foundation and other supporters of Friends of Forsythe. The live view is also available inside the Visitor Information Center located at Edwin B. Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge in Oceanville, NJ and at Conserve Wildlife Foundation NJ’s website.

The camera will provide friends of EB Forsythe Refuge with a unique window into the behavior, reproductive habits and diet of Osprey during the nesting season. We hope that viewing life inside an Osprey nest will increase appreciation for this iconic New Jersey native species and awareness of the continued need for Osprey protection from the threats of climate change and ocean pollution. Enjoy!

You can read more information about the life cycles of osprey and how you can help them recover in NJ, at Conserve Wildlife NJ’s Osprey Project.